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Hurts Donut to host grand opening for new location with 24-hour drive-thru

Pop art murals, bold pink floors and wooden swings, suspended from the ceiling, welcome guests to the new Hurts Donuts, located in a shopping center just east of National Avenue.

The new store, located at 1231 E. Sunshine St., is hosting its grand opening Tuesday, Dec. 13. The store will be open 24 hours, every day of the week, or as Hurts like to say, “Open 25/8.”

Along with the array of traditional Hurts donuts, the Sunshine location will offer muffins, cookies, savory kolaches, espresso services, soft-serve ice cream and hand-dipped ice cream from the Ice Cream Factory. For the grand opening, soft-serve ice cream flavors available will be vanilla, chocolate, purple Ube and charcoal (vanilla flavoring with a bold, black color).

Brent Jones, Hurts marketing specialist, said the Sunshine location is the first in Missouri with a drive-thru, which the team is excited about. In the near future, the company hopes to offer a mobile app for customers to place pick-up orders.

Earlier this year, the downtown Hurts location closed its doors after nine years of operation in preparation for the relocation. On Dec. 7, the Sunshine location hosted a soft opening. The remainder of the week, the store opened throughout the day, offering free samples to those who participated in questionnaires on the “Hurts Donut – Springfield MO” Facebook.”

As new team members are training and donuts are being baked and decorated, Jones said he anticipates the new store to continue hosting soft openings through Tuesday. For specific hours, check the “Hurts Donut – Springfield MO” Facebook page at facebook.com/HurtsDonutCompany.


Article Courtesy of the News-Leader